Facing the main Lagoon, we offer a charming place for relax and dinner.

It was going to be complicated to open a decent restaurant where locals and tourists can find, what we call FUSION FOOD, thus mixing culture, finding the ingredients, the way of cooking and finally assembling all this on one plate. We knew this would be a challenge. So we have created a menu card for you and even for kids and sincerely hope you will be well nourished and that your hunger will be “gone with the wind”...

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Beautiful and colored


The best point of vue for admire the sunset
Fresh Fusion


Tuna and Prawn Burgers, Italian Spaghetti, French Crêpes, Home Made Ice Cream and more...
Place to chill


Seat right on the lagoon and relax with a fresh cocktail
Looking for a room ?

Looking for a room ?

We have rooms in our Gloria Guestrooms with a green garden located in Kalpitiya Town at 2km from here. The place is near the bank, market and police station. We provide also many services such tuk-tuk transportation, tour, laundry and more.