Stay tuned about special food party & events

To all our loyal customers and newcomers, and which most of you have been waiting for, Lak Laguna is now opening this Saturday 24 TH June 2017. Exceptionally this Saturday we are preparing a 3 service menu for you, also you will be able to see our full "carte menu" which you can discover a new fusion of food and find some more surprises on our daily suggested meals during all this summer.

Everybody should find their delights as we have food for everybody (even for kids). Just to give you a slight hint, try out our home made mouth-watering ice creams at the end of your delicious meals. We will be open from Monday to Saturday from 17.00-00.00. Sundays only, reservations are requested 24hrs beforehand.

Don’t forget to come for the sunsets and chill music to sip those fresh juices and cocktails and who knows, what might come after…..

Hope to see you real soon and continuing to bring back last year positive vibes and where we were ONE!!!